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Artist PageD.Low

Date of birth: February 7th de 1981

Started collecting records at age of 8.

First influences and records: Eurhythmics, Kraftwerk, Frankie Bones, Acid, Italo, Techno-Pop, EBM and House music.

Daan Donk

Artist PageDaan Donk

To be announced

Daniel Solar

Artist PageDaniel Solar

Daniel Solar is one half of Dikso, the excellent edits imprint responsible for many a disco-rinsed dancefloor burner over the last year. The Hannover native is also one of Berlin’s emergent talents, a DJ, producer, label owner and A&R intent on bridging the gap between disco and dance music, while coaxing the techno-loving city’s tastes a little further off the beaten track. As a child of the early 80s, Daniel was strongly influenced by synth pop and dance music, before rap and hip hop caught his imagination and inspired his first forays into production. Once he had finished school, Daniel became more and more and intrigued with house and techno, clubs and raves, and his studio style expanded to take in electro, techno, and deep house.

Daniel Stefanik

Artist PageDaniel Stefanik

Detroit, Pampa, Dresden, Leipzig and from there the start into the whole wide world! Daniel was clearly born in Detroit because only so can that innate love of this sound scape be explained. He has so intensively and earnestly dealt with the matter – in a manner which suggests his living it. Initially the “born Detroiter” in his boyhood had his first rhythmic taste by way of the little drummer boy set for 8 years.

Daniel Zuur

Artist PageDaniel Zuur

Daniel Zuur is an electronic musician and live composer based in Amsterdam. As a teen Daniel played the drums and percussion in several bands. Aside from the drums, Daniel developed an interest in making electronic samples and sounds which led him to becoming the live performer he is today. Daniel composes each track as an individual story that creates its own unique atmosphere. These stories are full of exciting melodies backed by warm beats. His style can be described as deep techno with a touch of melancholy.

Daniel Zuur & Florian Wolff

Artist PageDaniel Zuur & Florian Wolff

If you get a chance to experience this duo live, take it! Combining delicate melodies with bold beats and live vocals, their house infused sets are magic to the ears! While DJ/producer Daniel Zuur is known for his quirky but powerful techno, the song s of singer/songwriter Florian Wolff have been known to leave audiences buzzing with good vibes. Together, the two blend the boundaries of their musical genres to serve you their delicious new brand of music.

Darko Esser

Artist PageDarko Esser

Darko’s active musical career started in 1994 in a way that’s not usual for most DJ’s. Back in those days he played guitar in experimental noise bands, strongly influenced by groups such as SONIC YOUTH and SLINT. It was only a year later that he found himself very much attracted to let people hear all kinds of music, since he was a vinyl junkie for a far longer time. Gradually he moved on from being a band member to a dancefloor DJ. He didn’t want to be limited by styles so he focused on everything with a groove and an underground mind.

David Alvarado

Artist PageDavid Alvarado

American born and Los Angeles bred DJ, producer, and artist David Alvarado continues a career that has spanned well over a decade, and is still considered to be one of electronic music’s best kept secrets. He is best known for his work on some of the worlds most respected imprints such as Ovum, Ultra, Peacefrog, Yoshi Toshi, Plastic City, Strictly Rhythm, and Guidance, along with his early work on his own label Bomb Records. David began his career as a DJ running a renegade sound system and deejaying underground parties around the Los Angeles area.

David August

Artist PageDavid August

Twenty year old David August’s first musical introduction was being forced into piano lessons at the tender age of five years old. As time passed and David’s ivory skills grew, he came to love the instrument and excelled in it’s classic format. At fifteen David’s first steps as a DJ began and it wasn’t long before he gained his first residencies. A year later he made his first forays into production and in 2008 he had his debut release.

David Hulsken & Ricardo van den Heuvel

Artist PageDavid Hulsken & Ricardo van den Heuvel

In 2009 David and Ricardo started with producing and performing together, with Funk and Jazz influence rolling funky techno as their main theme. 2011 will be dedicated to the release of some dance floor destroying tracks along with live piano performances.

David Labeij

Artist PageDavid Labeij

David Labeij started dj-ing in 1998. As soon as the minimal scene emerged in Europe, David was one of the first to start promoting the “clicks & cuts”‘ full heartedly in the Netherlands, through spinning, and organizing the infamous “Berlin Underground” nights in Amsterdam, with appearences by Richie Hawtin, Zip, Magda, Ricardo Villalobos & Ata. Simultaniously he started producing his own material. As a result of sending out demos during 2003 he was asked to spend some time in Junkie XL”s studio so he could improve and develop his production skils, after which David spent most of his free time producing in his own studio set up.

Davide Squillace

Artist PageDavide Squillace

Born in Siena, raised in Naples, it took a trip to London for Davide to finally discover electronic music. Wooed by the mood and sound of the British scene, he returned to Naples flush with energy, excitement and a knowing that this new calling would consume him.

De Man Zonder Schaduw

Artist PageDe Man Zonder Schaduw

The Man With No Shadow – shady name for a respectable dj. Gaining notoriety as co-founder and resident of the infamous GZG raves, he is now one of Holland’s most wanted techno jocks. Representing the underground with a stern smile towards the mainstream, he’s winning over crowds across the Netherlands and beyond. A matter of timing or just a captivating choice of records? Who’s to say. Somehow The Man never fails to supply magical moments. The philosophy behind the GZG parties isn’t genre-based, but aimed foremost at capturing the ‘New House Feeling’.

De Sluwe Vos

Artist PageDe Sluwe Vos

De Sluwe Vos (Dutch for `The Sly Fox`, a name derived from Aesop`s fable of the Fox and the Crow) is the newest addition to the Dutch house and techno scene. His productions are supported by artists such as DJ Sneak, Joy Orbison, Boddika and Bicep. Moreover, De Sluwe Vos has a packed tour schedule and travels many miles for all his national and international gigs. With strong hooks and dirty kicks as his specialities, De Sluwe Vos has released multiple tracks on labels like 4Lux and Slapfunk. Lately, this cheerful producer from Dutch city of Deventer has even been gaining a foothold in the pop scene.


Artist PageDeepchord

DeepChord are producers Rod Modell and Mike Schommer. They make dub techno in the vein of Basic Channel.

Artist PageDelicatesse

Delicatesse is an Amsterdam based Dj-duo that brings a stimulating bash of Techno, Deep House and Minimal from behind their turntables. The roots of their dark and dirty sound can be found in Berlin, the place where they have found each other in their passionate love for tough electronic music. These two disarming women are both different and matching, like day and night. Their teamwork is expressed through their musical choices and powerful sound. 

DG Daan

Artist PageDG Daan

To be announced

DG Rico

Artist PageDG Rico

Ricardo van den Heuvel started DJ’ing in 2005 under the name “DG Rico” when a friend bought him his first vinyl. He is known from the amazing underground parties “Diepgezonken” at special locations in and nearby Amsterdam. He was involved with several events afterwards and had a residency at club Panama in 2008. In 2009 he started a new challenge, Producing. Together with David Hülsken and as a solo artist he’s ready to rock ‘n roll in 2011 with some fresh material. 


Artist PageDigitaline

Digitaline is a live act project formed by the Swiss producers Laps (Laurent Bovey) and Gregorythme (Gregory Poncet), who work together in Lausanne and Berlin since 2001. What began as a bit of fun between two friends turned into various long live sessions and club nights between Lausanne and Zurich, slowly bringing them closer to finding a sound of their own – music full of atmospheric detail, som…etimes a little abstract and sometimes more narrative, but always deep grooves made for the club.


Artist PageDimitri

The importance of DJ Dimitri for the history of Dutch house music is one that cannot be ignored. Dimitri Knepper’s (1967) music career reads like an encyclopedia. A house encyclopedia. After 23 years of spinning records you could call this DJ a true veteran. Known for his enormous sensitivity, true feeling and mixing skills he gives you the sense you are the voyeur of an intimate act between two lovers. The music and the man. But nobody ever felt and looked so comfortable behind the decks as DJ Dimitri, for he brings the crowd at ease like Don Juan would do with women.


Artist PageDinky

Alejandra Iglesias was born in Santiago, Chile. Thanks to her mother’s influence, Dinky grew up playing the piano and listening to a lot of music. Since an early age she has studied several art forms and for many years trained as a professional dancer and choreographer. She danced in Peter Gabriel’s concerts when she was only sixteen and always felt comfortable on stage. As a teenager, Dinky grew up listening to bands like Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode, Prince and The Cramps as well as classical and contemporary composers like Brian Eno and Eric Satie.

DJ Sneak

Artist PageDJ Sneak

In 1983, Carlos Sosa pka DJ Sneak, moved to the city of Chicago from The island of Puerto Rico, where his early musical experiences and Influences were rooted in salsa, meringue and famous Latin orchestras. Chicago, like Puerto Rico, is a city rich with musical styles and sounds. It was in Chicago that Sneak found inspiration in underground house music, Warehouse parties and "old school" mix tapes from the early pioneers - Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ralphi Rosario, Steve Hurley and local radio station shows played on WBMX. 

Djuma Soundsystem

Artist PageDjuma Soundsystem

Mix Arabic percussion and strings with electronic beats and you end up with the explosive sound of Djuma Soundsystem, a sound that has swept them from the underground scene in Copenhagen into the front ranks of a new signing with the award-winning and respected German label Get Physical. Despite their very ethnic sound, you have to visit the North to find the producers behind Djuma Soundsystem. The two Danes, Lars B and DJ Disse, meet up with the Norwegian breakbeat DJ Mikkas, and together the three of them blend a unique sound cocktail.


Artist PageDOKA

More info soon

Dominik Eulberg

Artist PageDominik Eulberg

Dominik Eulberg, born in 1978 in Westerwald, Germany is an electronic music artist and DJ who has released numerous singles as well as full-length albums on labels such as Cocoon Recordings and Traum Schallplatten. He occasionally works as a park ranger in German National parks, an occupation he plans to pursue full time in the near future after retiring from music.


Artist PageDonatello

Young and breathtakingly talented! Such compliments Donatello has been accustomed to hear not only from Lithuania’s progressive house music fans, but also from international DJ guests. “Amounts of enthusiasm and uncontrollable energy exuding from his sets remind me about beginning of my own career. He has EVERY trait needed for a DJ. I mean - an impressive DJ” – claims UK producer Clive Henry (PEACE DIVISION), along whose side Donatello played in club EXIT (Kaunas, Lithuania). Donatello was hand picked to represent the best so far promoters’ agency in Lithuania - ATARI.

Dorian Paic

Artist PageDorian Paic

Born in 1974, Dorian Paic has been spinning records since 1992. The early stages of his career saw him work in the Air Embargo recordstore (located in the world famous Dorian Gray Club) and later in the cult recordsstore Boy in Frankfurt/Main. His skills and musical knowledge got him several DJ-sets in Clubs like Music Hal and the legendary Omen. After several gigs in Dorian Gray (1996-2000) he got famous through his residencies at Monza and the Offenbach based Spectrum.

Dorine Dorado

Artist PageDorine Dorado

`Stylish and sexy.` That`s how VPRO`s 3 voor 12 described the sound of Dorine Dorado, one of Amsterdams finest new DJ-talents. With her unique mix of minimal, techno and house, she`s the first female dj to become a resident of the Amsterdam Welcome to the future-events. In 2001, at 24, Dorine Dorado (Dorine Rohde) made her debut as a dancer with Amsterdam`s houselegend Quazar, for it`s 10 year anniversary live concert in the Amsterdam Paradiso.

Douglas Greed

Artist PageDouglas Greed

Douglas Greed started his path under this moniker in 2005 with the desire for a straight bass drum and the attitude of a music lover. Before he was on the hip-hop and drum and bass tip with the pseudonym Real (Bionic Crew). Most recently he is an organizer and recording artist still; despite his many outgrowths. Meanwhile the enthusiastic music lover and indiemusic connoisseur has managed a considerable number of releases on straightforward labels like Combination, Lebensfreude, Kindisch, Infiné, Dekadent, Ostwind, Acker and of course Freude am Tanzen, as well as diverse remixes.


Artist PageDubfire

Dubfire’s “jet-black, polished-chrome techno” of 2009 harnesses three and a half years of upward momentum, highlighted by notable productions and remixes landing at the top of “best of” charts and set lists the world over. 2009’s “Split the Line [Dubfire Mega Remix],” an alchemic symbiosis of Paul Ritch’s “Split” and “Walk the Line,” best exemplifies the dark and evocative sound Dubfire has cultivated since embarking on his solo journey.