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Eats Everything

Artist PageEats Everything

Few producers in the history of dance music have made such a rapid and far-reaching impact on the electronic music scene as Eats Everything aka Bristolian Daniel Pearce. In a matter of months he has defined a whole new genre of forward-thinking underground house music that draws elements from classic house, UK bass music, Detroit techno, jungle and early rave, paying homage to everything from Randy Crawford to Ray Charles and Murk to MK. This omnivorous beat-maker Eats Everything is at the forefront of an emerging wave of talented producers to come out of the West Country’s bass epicentre Bristol, helping define an entirely new genre of forward-thinking underground music.

Edu Imbernon

Artist PageEdu Imbernon

Edu Imbernon is a great example of how a young artist can quickly reach the top in the electronic scene… it’s his talent as producer and DJ that’s got him there.After the worldwide hit “El baile alemán” (Liebe Detail, 2009) produced along his friend Coyu and appointed “Best Underground Track of the Year” by Beatport , several tracks for lauded labels like Get Physical, Young Turks, Skint, Stil vor Talent, Cr2, Noir Music, Trapez, Great Stuff, Diynamic and his own label Eklektisch.


Artist PageEfde

Sjoerd Dijk a.k.a. Efdé is an Amsterdam based DJ and producer who has been moving around in the Amsterdam underground scene for a while now. Efdé has spent the last year perfecting his sound both as a DJ as well as in the studio. His inspiration comes from the classic Chicago and Detroit house sound as well as funk, soul, disco and techno music. As you can probably tell by now his taste in music is pretty versatile and he always finds a way to reflect this in his performances. 


Artist PageEgbert

Egbert Van Der Gugten is currently one of the most promising talents within the field of electronic dance music. Jeroen Verheij alias Secret Cinema, whose attention was drawn to Egbert via, invited him on the spur of the moment to his parties and his studio last year, and thus smoothed the way for Egbert to the Dutch Techno scene. After his debut on Lo-Fi Stereo, it was mainly his “Vlammen-EP” on Michel de Hey’s EC Records in February 2009, which went down a bomb on the dancefloors and belonged to the basic vinyl inventory of Sven Väth’s record case in this season.

Egbert-Jan Weeber

Artist PageEgbert-Jan Weeber

Egbert-Jan Weeber, een acteur zoals hij bij velen bekend is, is geboren en getogen in Groningen. Naast dat hij een gewaardeerde acteur is, draait Egbert-Jan ook al velen jaren mee als dj. Zijn tante maakte dat hij gefascineerd raakte door elektronische muziek. Zij bezocht de RoXY regelmatig en bracht hem cassettebandjes met daarop muziek van housefeesten. Op zijn zestiende wilde Egbert-Jan graag draaien en muziek maken. Op dat moment werd er veel graffiti, hip hop, jungle en break beat gedraaid in Groningen. Hij sloot zich aan bij een hip hop groep en leerde beat boxen en scratchen.


Artist PageEinmusik

10 Years beetween studio and club, between aiport halls, cold tea and afterpartys. 10 Years dusty shoes and endorphin after one of those gigs under the burning sun. 10 Years draging cases and hotel life. Einmusik is an electronic musician, who took the ladder step by step. Hard work, dreamly breaks, hard disks full of ideas and the mind full of inspiring moments made him a well known producer & Live-Act over the time. He released his productions on Bouq, Diynamic, Liebe Detail, Italic and his homebase Einmusika Recordings, did Remixes for Noir, Egoexpress, Nicole Moudaber, Solee, Aka Aka, Tube & Berger, Soff O. and many more.


Artist PageEinzelkind

Einzelkind are Miguel Ayala and Arno Völker. Two guys from Frankfurt that love and live House and Techno music. They have released several records on labels like Playhouse, Cocoon, Oslo and Get Physical Music. In 2008 Einzelkind founded their own imprint La Peña. La Peña stands for quality underground music without big marketing, that is the reason why you won’t find any names on the actual vinyl releases. It is just about music not about names. In 2010 Einzelkind founded their second label: Jax.

El Mundo & Satori

Artist PageEl Mundo & Satori

In the soulful grey area between house and techno, this duo from Nijmegen have grown these past two years into an act that you can’t take for granted. Their warm, funky and organic productions will be released in the future on Amsterdam Bla Bla Records, that signed the talented El Mundo & Satori recently for all the right reasons. Pim van der Burgt and Djordje Petrovic joined forces two years ago under the international name El Mundo & Satori. The first one started his career as a DJ with a good sense of catchy grooves, while the last part of the duo has a background as a jazz musician.

El Rub a Dub

Artist PageEl Rub a Dub

More info Soon!


Artist PageEL-P

EL-P, aka El Producto, is one of hip-hop`s most obstinate and adventurous pioneers, combining a mid-`80s lo-fi old school aesthetic with a progressive rock musician`s inclination to push boundaries. He has never succumbed to the whims of corporate hip-hop, instead choosing to pursue his own decidedly uncommercial leanings. In the mid-`90s, he developed a strong reputation with the groundbreaking trio Company Flow, a band whose achievements include the first LP, Funcrusher Plus, on Rawkus Records, a label that is considered by many the best label for intelligent hip-hop.

Elias Mazian

Artist PageElias Mazian

“As a kid, music could give me the feeling of going into a time capsule where nothing else mattered” says Elias Mazian, and that is something he tries to convey in every DJ set he now plays. The Dutchman has a Moroccan background but grew up in the Netherlands and is now a firm fixture on the capital’s club circuit, as well as being part of the much loved DJ collective Barre Tijden. Elias openly admits to being passionate, emotional and sensitive, and it shows in his DJ sets which take inspiration for the music around which he grew up – Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder – as well as from more contemporary flames like Moodymann, Pepe Bradock and Tom Trago.

Erick Eerdhuizen

Artist PageErick Eerdhuizen

DJ and producer Erick E has spent over a decade at the pinnacle of Dutch House music. Since landing the Saturday-residency in Amsterdam’s legendary house temple RoXY back in ’95, Erick E has well and truly established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Aside from his energetic and danceable mix of grooves, the reason for his immense popularity is most probably attributed to his enthusiasm and charisma behind the decks. Erick E truly interacts with his audience and certainly lives up to his reputation as a party-starter!

Erik Heijting

Artist PageErik Heijting

Erik Heijting was born near Rotterdam on the 27th of Februari in 1982. When he was 10, he moved to IJsselstein, which is where he started to get more involved in music. At that time, Erik was very keen on letting other people hear the music he was interested in. At the age of 12, he got in touch with the drums and without having classes, he taught himself how to play them.


Artist PageErin

Born in Latin America and raised in places all over, Erin is mostly inspired by this beautiful earth we live on. Different cultures have given him the rhythm, the sun brought him the funk and his musical upbringing gave him the melody. Add some house music and you will get the exceptional style that is typical to Erin. House, Techhouse and Jackin’ House combined with elements of Minimal, Techno and HipHop build up his roof-raising sets. Erin really knows how to please a crowd and get those hips swingin’. The indestructible will to spin records emerged from a magical period in which he lived in this basement in Amsterdam that was filled up to the notch with powerful musical energy.


Artist PageEstafette

Whether it’s behind the turntables in the famous Fuse in Brussels, the Watergate in Berlin or an underground club in Rumania, Estroe knows how to tune in and drop the right beats. She likes to play versatile, techno infused sets with room for deep undercurrents as well as pure dancefloor work. Her style is warm, subtle but at the same time very energetic. Things really took off when Estroe started producing her own tracks back in 2003. In hindsight it was an unconscious response to the skull breaking beats of those days.

Esther Duijn

Artist PageEsther Duijn

Esther Duijn’s sound is characterised by the deep and solid side of techno and house music. Growing up in The Netherlands shaped Esther’s music as she absorbed the rich Dutch scene of the time. Having released on labels like Fred P’s Soul People Music, Portuguese Exquisite Music, and the Belgian Coïncidence Records, solo and also with her long-time production partner Steady Douglas as "Duijn & Douglas", Duijn has shown her skill as a producer and a DJ, with over 18 vinyl releases under her belt.


Artist PageEstroe

“I get restless when I can’t work on my own melodies. It’s such a good outlet for my emotions”. There you have it in a nutshell. Dutch Estroe lives for her music. It’s electronic, it’s beat driven and it’s full of emotions.

Together with techno hotties like Anja Schneider, Mistress Barbara and Monika Kruse, Dutch. Estroe belongs to an elite club of female DJ’s that made it to the top. Born in Zutphen as Esther Roozendaal in 1972, raised near Amsterdam and currently living in Rotterdam, she has been dj-ing for more than ten years.


Artist PageExtrawelt

Midimiliz are Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Rabe, both coming from the Hamburg rural area. After enjoying electronic music more and more besides school, they became record collectors and DJs in the beginning of the nineties. Through that passion for vinyl, they also got to know each other much better. In 1998, countless gigs and several studio collaborations later, they conquered some borrowed equipment and a Mac, which lead to severe addiction within short time!