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Fabrizio Maurizi

Artist PageFabrizio Maurizi

Fabrizio Maurizi is a native of Bologna (Italy), a city that has always paid particular attention to the original Detroit Techno movement, making it the perfect place to grow up in terms of music. After a brief spell as part of the city’s militant illegal rave scene, Fabrizio soon graduated to residencies at some of the most important clubs in the country. Fabrizio started producing his own sounds, switching to music software programs after 10 years of studying piano. Completely hooked on very low bassline frequencies, his tracks explore the sometimes dark, sometimes funky side of techno, using completely mad vocal samples to give his music a unique flavour.


Artist PageFairmont

Over the past ten years, four solo albums, numerous 12” singles and the odd collaboration, Canadian skateboard kid turned roving techno troubadour Jake Fairley has carved out a successful career in the fuzzy hinterland between the worlds of indie and dance, collecting up a loyal worldwide following of big-hearted club misfits in the process. But growing up under the influence of the indie rock scene in his hometown of Toronto in the slowly-gentrifying neighbourhood of Parkdale, the path to techno stardom was not always an obvious one, and surrounded as he was by a decidedly rock-centric peer group Jake’s earliest dabblings with the electronic side during the mid-nineties seemed destined to remain a private passion. 


Artist PageFerro

Behind the decks for 5 years now and spreading hot underground music to all people in Amsterdam with his mixes. Ferro is member of the upcoming plak-group and his first release, he made at a age of 18 years, “Attractive” on “Soulman music” is a warm up standard in underground Europe. Ferro played at venues like Paradiso, club Air & studio 80 to mention a few. Now Ferro is a familiar name across Amsterdam’s club circuit rocking down the best venues and events. He made his debut at the Amsterdam Dance Event last October and he tells us he’s not even really started. It’s just a matter of time before he’ll release his first album. So stay tuned.

Filipa Lazary

Artist PageFilipa Lazary

Originally from Lisboa, Portugal, with a classical music background and an Electronics and Computer Science university degree, it wasn`t until she moved to Amsterdam in 2006 and got sucked into the local electronic dance music scene that all pieces of her puzzle started to fall into place. There she started her path as DJ and shortly after she was playing regularly in bars and clubs around town. About the same time her love for music and her affinity with electronics guided her to SAE Institute where she followed Electronic Music Production training.


Artist PageFinnebassen

Dirty melancholic house music is the produce of much musical soul searching for emerging Norwegian star Finnebassen. Leaving his teenage genre hopping days behind him, 2008 saw a house music epiphany, as a deep rooted interest in electronic music began, bringing Finnebassen to the sound he relays today. Although he has been producing music and playing gigs in his hometown of Oslo for a long time, 2012 has finally seen the first attacks of Finnebassen on the worldwide electronic music scene, in both performance and production.


Artist PageFlashmob

Cracking the music industry is about as difficult an undertaking as you’re likely to embark on in a lifetime. Talent, passion, perseverance and an unerring work-ethic; to achieve even moderate success in the industry you need all of these qualities and more in abundance. So when Danny and Alessandro – now known under the ferociously successful Flashmob moniker – stepped away from their highly fruitful previous project to essentially start again from scratch, they were more than aware of the long, hard road ahead of them.

Florian Rath

Artist PageFlorian Rath

At the age of 16, Florian Rath and Matthijs Groos experienced at April 2007 an insane crowd that got totally wild on their energy and musical interests during their first performance. After that, they continued to create the same vibe over and over again, while they were traveling trough a lot of different electronic music.


Artist PageFlow

owing? Are you talking about Flow & Ingy from Amsterdam? That crazy, wild, energetic, nicely disturbed DJ couple, that`s always dancing and partying with the crowd?

Hell yeah!

Fokko Versloot

Artist PageFokko Versloot

Fokko Versloot was born in 1982 in Leiderdorp, one of the most notorious cities of the Dutch `polder`. One year later, in 1983, his parents decided that their hometown, the suburban ghetto of Zoeterwoude, was too dangerous to raise their family and migrated to the far north. They settled in Sneek, Friesland, and stayed there more than seven successive years. By 1990 they had realized there was no other option than to return to the region where they originally came from and moved to Leiden, city of Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Steen, Pablo Picasso and many other internationally respected troubadours.

Folker Zwart

Artist PageFolker Zwart

Folker Zwart was born in the year 1986 in Tiel, the Netherlands. After a couple of years playing drums and guitar, he started making music with his keyboard and simple software programs. His love for Techno music started in the nineties. Because he was so obsessed with his hobby, he had to get equipment as soon as possible to create sets and continuously improve his DJ skills. 22 years after his birth he moved from Tiel to the city of Amsterdam. Throughout the years Folker’s style has changed a lot. Whereas in the past he was more into funky (Tribal) Techno, nowadays he mainly plays a filthy mix of rough and dark minimal/ techno.


Artist PageFormel

While fighting over the last bottle of vodka in a backstage fridge, Tom & Bas struck up a musical friendship that was the starting point of a long musical journey. It was somewhere in 2010 that the two started off by making mixes of earlier work. Using this practice as an exploration of the possibilities of their combined skill set.

Fransesco Robustelli

Artist PageFransesco Robustelli

Moved to Amsterdam in 2006, Francesco quickly discovered his love for House and Techno. Inspired by the sounds he heard in the Amsterdam club scene, he started producing his own music. Over the years he kept redefining his sound, which eventually resulted in his liveset. The philosophy behind his livesets is simple: always keep the energy high, the beats pumping, and the people dancing. Operating from his studio on the north-side of Amsterdam, Francesco’s sound evolved from deep minimalistic grooves to very energetic pumping House and Techno, and didn’t go unnoticed by the public, which resulted in residencies at Rebellion and Schmeck Pony, releases on amsterdam based labels Melomane, Louche and 90Watts,

Funk D`void

Artist PageFunk D`void

Lars Sandberg AKA Funk D`Void, is a DJ and producer who has been at the forefront of the global electronic music scene since the mid-90s. He started Djing at around the tender age of 15, running two under-18 clubs himself – a perfect start to his career. Knowing his vocation to music from an early age after being brought up by his professional pianist mother, Lars never had any doubt as to where his future would lie.