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Ici sans merci

Artist PageIci sans merci

ICI SANS MERCI, a Dutch DJ and producer of house and techno, began his career in 2006. Earning his stripes through the underground scene and illegal raves located in Amsterdam and throughout the rest of the Netherlands has allowed his style to become extremely diverse and both attract fans of all forms of electronic dance music as well as perform for a variety of party scenes. 

Ida Engberg

Artist PageIda Engberg

A product of Sweden’s seemingly endless conveyor of techno talent, Ida Engberg has carved herself a career as a DJ/Producer through relentless hard work and passion. Now an internationally recognized talent whose taste for stripped back, sweat on the ceiling tech-house and techno has been the driving force behind a career progression; Ida can boast a growing production catalogue as she continues her elevation through the electronic music ranks.

Idriss D

Artist PageIdriss D

Idriss D’s approach to music started when he was just fourteen: he got his first turntables and his friend Nadir was a huge influence artistically and helped the young talent to develop his taste and personal vision.

After moving to Italy, he quickly established himself among the biggest names in the game thanks to his mixing skills, his unique style and drive, and to his hypnotic dance vibes that led him to widespread acclaim in the country’s nightclub circuit and to play at some of the most renowned venues such as Echoes, Cocoricò and Red Zone.

Ille Bitch

Artist PageIlle Bitch

Ille Bitch, also known as Michael von L., crawled out of the Haarlem underground and is one of Holland’s most popular dj’s of this moment. His contagious enthusiasm and never ending attention for his fans has made him irreplaceable in the Dutch party scene. It was in 2002 when Ille Bitch first took place at the turntables. His flatmate, a dj known as Greg Martini, invited him to spin a record. It was a revelation for Ille, who soon started saving for his own equipment. In 2004 Ille had saved enough, he bought his first decks and launched his spinning career.


Artist PageIndustrialyzer

Ricardo Rodrigues aka Industrialyzer, son of a musician, was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. At an early age of 14, inspired by his father’s profession, he started taking guitar classes. Two intense years later, he would already give classes in scales and music theory to young talent. Over the years to come, Ricardo joined several bands and performed at bars, concerts and festivals. At the age of 17 he would discover his true love to be electronic music. Starting as a bedroom DJ, he gradually started performing in Portuguese clubs as well. In 2000, Ricardo moves to The Netherlands to take a course in electronic music production.


Artist PageIngy

owing? Are you talking about Flow & Ingy from Amsterdam? That crazy, wild, energetic, nicely disturbed DJ couple, that`s always dancing and partying with the crowd?

Hell yeah!

Ion Ludwig

Artist PageIon Ludwig

It is the summer of 2003 when Koos Ludwig starts producing electronical music. In the years before that time he had always been busy with music in general. Studying guitar and percussion gave him inspiration to do more with his musical creativity. The love for techno already started earlier. Big names like Carl Cox, Sven Vath, and Underworld were introducing techno to Ludwig and gave him his first impressions of technology music.

As Ludwig started producing, his love for techno remained but his productions slowly changed to more deep and progressive sounds.


Artist PageIsis

Isis bought her first (house) record when she was 12 years old (1987). After two years of serious clubbing she started mixing. Very shortly after that she played at the legendary club RoXY on a regular basis, which has been the breakthrough of her professional career. Since that moment onwards Isis has grown to be a renowned name in the dance-scene, playing all over the world with tours in Europe, Central America, USA, South America , Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Ismael Rivas

Artist PageIsmael Rivas

We can describe Ismael in many ways, but above all he can be identified for the strong character of his music and a style of his own that transmits to the people what he believes to be a lifestyle.

Ismael began his career in 1992 in Bolshoi, his first club. Since then, he played in the best clubs of the city such as Archy, Bocaccio, OH!, Empire; thus, starting his four year path as resident of OH! Marbella.


Artist PageItaloboyz

The Italoboyz must be described as something new and innovative.

Marco and Fede started djing in London in 2002, after a more or less 10 years spent djing in their original country (Italy). At the beginning of their career they used to hang out and search for music together, but they have always played separately. Now they are known in the electronic music scene for their OWN sound and their ability to build up a music environment by playing ‘neck 2 neck’.