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Kabale und Liebe

Artist PageKabale und Liebe

Liron van Daalen de man achter Kabale und Liebe, geboren in Breda, begint in 1995 met draaien. Al snel krijgt hij daar een gevestigde naam.
Rond zijn 17e begint hij zijn stijl te ontwikkelen die tot op de dag van vandaag nog altijd een basis vormt voor zijn sets en producties. Wanneer hij op zijn 18e voor zijn studie naar Amsterdam verhuist begint hij ook hier aan de weg te timmeren om zijn sound ten gehore te brengen. Ook begint hij in 2002 serieuzer en intensiever tijd te besteden aan het produceren, om zo zijn muzikale creativiteit te uiten.


Artist PageKaiserdisco

n 2008 Patrick & Frederic started their marvelous career as Kaiserdisco and made it to one of the most interesting acts in the global underground scene. They are not only a techno or minimal act, Kaiserdisco is fascinating people all over the world cause they are producing music from lazy deep house to groovy techno, always with the right sense for the dancefloor. In the last years they remixed artists like Booka Shade, Kosheen, Extrawelt, Sebastien Légér, 2000 & One …, and had releases on legendary labels like Drumcode, 100% Pure, Strictly Rhythm, My Best Friend, Global Underground etc..


Artist PageKarmon

Drumming on all kinds of household equipment and jamming on the guitar until his fingers hurt, it was pretty clear that a path into music was set. When and how was not yet clear at that time.

It was in 2003 that Karmon came into contact with electronic music through his older brother. At that time experimenting with different styles and setups with mild success it wasn’t until early 2012 when the artist Karmon was born. Having experienced various flows of electronic music he now set out to develop his own style and with great success.


Artist PageKarotte

Here today, gone tomorrow. A phrase truly befitting the modern club scene. Because the dance hit of today can quickly become the long forgotten melody of yesterday. The name of the artist of the moment is permanently blasted on the radio, shown TV and omnipresent in every musically related magazine, in other words, simply everywhere. One starts to wonder: Where does this guy come from? How come I haven`t heard of him before?

Kastis Torrau

Artist PageKastis Torrau

Top notch. Kastis Torrau’s talent has rocketed him from small local venue to the biggest clubbing  scenes in the country, his name becoming a trademark for an impressive, memorable and every time different event. A real treat for clubbing gourmand with a guarantee for sexually charged tuneful house, tech house rhythms spiced up with progressive sound. Though different, but each and every time making the audience tremble by sharing the passion for music and beat, that is being created by the talented hands of this DJ.

Kate Wax

Artist PageKate Wax

Kate Wax is the alter ego of Aisha Devi Enz, the Swiss-born, half-Tibetan, totally-driven, selfproducing avant-garde singer-songwriter that first came to prominence with her debut album `Reflections of the Dark Heat` released by Switzerland`s ambassadors of cool Mental Groove back in 2006. After a natural break for baby-making and subsequent months spent holed up with her beloved machines in her cosy studio cave, this uniquely gifted all-rounder artist is now ready to dust off her Kate Wax persona, teaming up with Border Community to unveil a bold new collection of dark, unconventional vocally-exhilarating electronic post-pop going by the name of `Dust Collision`.


Artist PageKellerkind

If people think of Switzerland, they think of green meadows, clear water, snow-covered mountain tops and fresh air. In the world of electronic music they think of soulful house music and a history of great parties and clubs. It is in both these environments that Marco Biagini aka KELLERKIND grows up in. In the small and rural town of Solothurn KELLERKIND discoveres Chicago house music in the local clubs and becomes fully infected with the virus of house music. 15 years later, KELLERKIND has become an irreplaceable figure in the Swiss electronic music scene.

Kenny Leaven

Artist PageKenny Leaven

Kind a rare thing in fast growing music business are well educated musicians with ability to read music and play instruments.

Kenny is one of them. Besides running his own label Elenore Records since 2009, founding and organising Erfurts Bayou Fest ival he is still producing quality music. Souvenir Plus happily releases his “Head In Clouds E.P.” in May: 3 clubtracks, which are full of functionality and extravaganza whereas the song “Wren” feat. Kea has that special spring vibe that everybody loves so much.


Artist PageKhaan

Khaan started his DJ career in 2005. Since then, developed through his passion for electronic music, he has been setting high standards on the turntables. With his relaxed and outgoing style he quickly made a name for himself and the first bookings came rolling in. With his eclectic sets he quickly played his way into the hearts of the party crowds and achieved his national break-through with his amazing performance at the legendary “Kiesgrube” open-air event. Here, he played next to big names like Loco-Dice, Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Magda and Carl Cox.

Kid Sublime

Artist PageKid Sublime

A pianist, drummer, deejay and fulltime record producer, Kid Sublime IS music. Deejaying in clubs across the globe, crafting records for hiphop and soul music`s finest vocalists, producing underground House and Techno anthems for the clubs, Kid Sublime loves to do it all. In a world flutted with Electronic music, Kid Sublime gives you that other ish: Raw, Soulful and Funky heartfelt music. Born in a Dutch family of artists and musicians, playing piano and drums since 5 years old while listening to his grandfathers Duke Ellington records trying to replay "C-Jam Blues" it was only natural for Jacob to give his life and heart to music at an early age... 


Artist PageKlangkarussell

Österreich ist für viele schöne Dinge bekannt wie seine Berge und Seen, die Salzburger Festspiele und Falco. Seit 2012 ist Österreich auch ein Synonym für neue elektronische Musik voll Emotion und Durchsetzungsvermögen. 2012 war das Jahr, in dem die gebürtigen Salzburger und heutigen Wiener Tobias Rieser und Adrian Held als Klangkarussell mit ihrer  Single "Sonnentanz" der angestaubten House Music einen frischen Drive verpassten.


Artist PageKlank

Klank is a back2back duo made up of Hay-T and Voldaan. Since a year they have joined Piekup bookings. Meanwhile the guys have been booked together at parties such as; Hertz, Electronation, minimal feestmaal, LinkeSoep. After a terrific set at Club Fritz they decided to continue as a duo under the name Klank. Klank! Is a back2back set with an uplifting tempo in which deephouse and techhouse are the main influences. The duo has a deep connection with their audience so that they cause a heart stealing vibe.


Artist PageKlartraum

Klartraum is German for the stage of lucid dream, when you become aware that you are dreaming and are able to manipulate your surroundings.

Driving deep into the subconscious, their music envelopes and surrounds its listeners creating a world in which just like a dream, things are never as they seem. With an aquatic fluidity and warm, wave like pulses, their music gently lulls you into this trance like state, allowing accepted structures to become contorted and morph into something entirely new.

Koen Lebens

Artist PageKoen Lebens

These last couple of years the Dutch techno scene has hailed Koen Lebens as one of it’s newest talents. As a night-reveler of the first hour, this inhabitant of Leiden rapidly became an influential DJ, producer and party organizer within the local community. After a successful collaboration with ‘partner in crime’ Fokko Versloot, (inter)national success soon followed. Thus, Koen Lebens was able to apply his talents far beyond the city limits. An unblemished career, so it seemed, one that only knew highlights. However, in July 2009 the unthinkable happened, when Fokko Verloot suddenly deceased.

Konrad Black

Artist PageKonrad Black

Time has accelerated ten-fold for Konrad over years since the dark, shadowy tones of “Draconia” & “Medusa Smile” enveloped dancefloors around the Globe, christening his influencial Wagon Repair label in style as well as establishing him as a highly innovative producer and much sought after remixer (just check out his work for Tiga, Snax, Audion and Martini Brös if further proof is required). His relocation to Berlin 5 years ago also gave him the opportunity to express himself more regularly as a DJ, resulting in a fast expanding reputation for sending crowds into a frenzy wherever the call of duty takes him.