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Nathan Fake

Artist PageNathan Fake

Nathan exploded onto the scene last year with the mighty ‘Outhouse’ on James Holden’s Border Community label, one of the most astounding debut singles in a long time which has surely now earned classic status, still receiving regular club and radio plays one year down the line.


Artist PageNhar

Electronic music is a secret and complex art: It lives on chaos and paradoxes, clashed histories and dark sides. So is Nhar’s musical algorithm.

Coming from the flourishing southern techno scene, the artist has developed a personal universe on the fringes of techno and minimal house on labels such as Modélisme, Mobilee, Plak or Correspondant.
This sphere of activities takes us back to several legacies including, first of all, the original scene, which served as a big bang to electronic music in France.


Artist PageNiCE7

BEATPORT MUSIC AWARDS WINNERS 2012 (best tech house trak: NiCe7 – Point on GRUUV REC.) , Nicola Daniele and Cesare Marocco – aka NiCE7 – are the latest Italian stars to emerge on the worldwide tech house stage. To date they have released on long running German label Great Stuff, as well as Gruuv,Defected, Toolroom, Cr2, Noir Music and Suara Music, always crafting dance floor bombs for whoever calls on their services.

Nick Curly

Artist PageNick Curly

A relentless and unstoppable Nick Curly heads into 2012 on the back of yet another excellent year. Nick once again reached the highest echelons of Resident Advisor’s annual DJ poll, released Cocoon’s biggest selling 12” of 2011 and his residency at Space Ibiza’s Kehakuma continued to break new ground. Unquestionably proud of his home-town, this Mannheim native’s talent and determination has long outlasted the hype that broke out in the late 00’s over the house sound which emerged there.

Nick Warren

Artist PageNick Warren

Nick Warren continues to be so respected because he knows how to truly work a crowd, delivering again and again, yet taking them somewhere they’ve never been before. That`s what comes with vision and, just as importantly in Warren’s case, experience. You can tell when Nick Warren`s on the decks. The music emanating from the DJ booth is that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound.

Nico Schwind

Artist PageNico Schwind

31-year old NIKO SCHWIND was born in Trier – birthplace of Karl Marx – and he very quickly discovered his own personal “capital”: his love for music and his passion to sound. It was in 2001 when he first became the chance to express these true feelings in public for what should be the red line holding his biography together: to invite the people on the dancefloor on a journey, to tell them a story with his music.

Nicolas Masseyeff

Artist PageNicolas Masseyeff

Back in 1989, on the scorching French Riviera, Nicolas Masseyeff’s long affection for electronic music first began. After that first kiss, then the man spent 15 years in his hometown as a record dealer, before buying his own outlet, Limelight, and turning it into the most respected record store in the whole of Southern France.

Drawing inspiration from a wide sonic plane that includes minimalism, jazz, new wave, Detroit techno and Chicago house, it’s producers like Steve Reich, John Cage, Carl Craig, UR, Basic Channel and Larry Heard that Masseyeff looks up to.

Nils Nurnberg

Artist PageNils Nurnberg

"Nils Nuernberg is a bright and talented production nerd and DJ hailing from Hamburg, North Germany. In little over 2 years, this charismatic, all-round music lover and record collector has quickly built a name for himself as well as for his very successful producer and DJ constellations Kruse & Nuernberg and Gruber & Nuernberg. With his straight forward, modern approach to house music his productions are strictly aimed at the dance floor. Nils` sound usually flirts between percussive, organic and classic house elements, encapsulated by smooth, room filling chord stabs and essential, perfect b..


Artist PageNinetoes

Dance music connaisseurs around the world are asking themselves: 
Who is this Ninetoes guy? How did he appear out of nowhere and has this instant hit record that gets spins and recognition from such a variety of highly decorated Djs as Loco Dice, Carl Cox, Jesse Rose, Luciano, Maxxi Soundsystem, Davide Squillace, Koze and Oliver Koletzki?  Well, Ninetoes is actually not some chicklet that fell into our lap, but a genuinely gifted producer and Dj that has been playing spots around the globe and mastering his craft for more than fifteen years. 


Artist PageNoir

Noir got interested in electronic music at the early age of 6-7 years old when he was introduced to some of Kraftwerks early 80s work. Being electronically influenced at that early stage in his life it obviously left a hunger for exploring the industry even more when he hit his teens.
Noir was very inspired by the late 80s house, techno, acid and rave cultures coming from Chicago, Detroit, New York and especially all that was going on in the UK at that time. Today he still rates guys like Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May & Juan Atkins as some of his biggest inspirations for becoming a dj and producer.


Artist PageNoze

Nicolas Sfintescu aka DJ Freak – founder member of the label Circus Company – and his stage partner, the brilliant Ezechiel Pailhes are together: Nôze, an adventurous electro band from Paris, being praised by the press since their live gig at the 2005 Sonar Festival. Nôze are voted as the third hottest live act ever seen in 2006 by the readers of Germany´s greatest magazine for electronic aspects: De-Bug. FREAK, starting as Hip Hop artist, also produces and co-produces music for other highly regarded artists like ARK or JAMIE LIDELL. Nicolas Sfintescu is Mr 100.000 Volt who’s bulb has no expire date.

Nuno dos Santos

Artist PageNuno dos Santos

This Portugal-born Dutch national has a cheeky charm about him that is difficult to escape and that works so well in his favor when taking control of the decks in a club. There is constant eye contact, an almost flirtatious vibe going on with the crowd, a sort of positive energy that wins you over almost instantly. Whether it’s running his own label “Something Happening Somewhere,” producing music, or DJing, you can feel that Nuno is utterly in love with what he does.