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Paco Osuna

Artist PagePaco Osuna

Imagination, courage, and the incessant search for new forms of expression in the stormy affairs of techno are some of the main virtues of Paco Osuna. Through devotion and vocation, the technocratic DJ and producer has become one of the primary architects in the development of the best, most exportable, electronic music from Spain. He is also the ideas-man behind Mindshake Records. His current international renown has come about through much hard work with techno; and now he can be considered one of the most sought after international artists on the planet today.


Artist PagePanpot

A pan-pot is a simple, workaday knob, given to side-to-side flip-flopping and not much else. Pan-Pot, on the other hand, are a brilliantly multidimensional Berlin duo currently twisting house and techno fans into rapturous fits. In just a few short years, Pan-Pot -the duo comprised of Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix-have become a central presence in electronic dance music’s most advanced sectors. Their rise parallels that of their home label mobilee, coming at a time when established categories are breaking down and accepted notions of “minimal” (please) are giving way to an unprecedented degree of dynamism on demanding dancefloors.

Parra for Cuva

Artist PageParra for Cuva

Nicolas Demuth, better known as Parra for Cuva, is a wildly talented youngmusician, having been born in Westgermany’s Cologne. Nicolas has devoloped an artistic and musical individuality not common in the mass of the electronic music scene. His personal catalogue has steadidly shaped into a collection of slow, well-mended and melody-laden electronica that lets heart and soul dance side by side with body and brain. Studying Audio Design in Berlin, Parra For Cuva is expanding his craft.

Patrice Baumel

Artist PagePatrice Baumel

Patrice Bäumel is an internationally renowned dj and producer currently living in Amsterdam. He is a long-running resident dj at Trouw Amsterdam, one of Europe’s leading venues for electronic music. Patrice Bäumel is an internationally renowned dj and producer currently living in Amsterdam. He is a long-running resident dj at Trouw Amsterdam, one of Europe’s leading venues for electronic music, running his “Black Magic” and “HiFi” nights at the club.

Patrick Chardronnet

Artist PagePatrick Chardronnet

Emotional Techno? Yeah, that’s what Patrick creates. Emotion, inspiration, passion are main ingredients to his music, and he has collected a great deal of those over the past years: travelling around the world, he has done quite a bit of experimenting. Playing with different approaches, new influence, etc… but at the end of the day he is still what he used to be: a nerd sitting in his studio, looking for the perfect sound. As for that perfect sound, Patrick Chardronnet has come a long way: no more naive producing on instinct, but a more conscious approach, somewhat matured, with everything he’s seen and -more importantly- heard in 20 years of studio experience (and a few more in life) somewhere in his mind.

Patrick Topping

Artist PagePatrick Topping

Fast rising star and favorite in the Hot Creations camp, Patrick Topping is back with another smash hit, ‘Forget’ which reached the no1 spot on Beatport Tech House chart. Taken from the ‘Boxed Off’ EP, which features three dance floor bombs, just as we’ve come to expect from this talented youngster, all with that signature Patrick Topping sound, yet each completely unique. This comes hot on the heels of his ‘Get Beasty’ EP released in February this year, which received widespread acclaim. The title track ‘Get Beasty’ also reached number 1 and held the top spot for 3 weeks!

Paul Ritch

Artist PagePaul Ritch

Paul Ritch. Quartz Rec, Paris. Paul Ritch’s name already resonates around the globe. His minimal techno productions, full of life and energy, have elevated him to international recognition. From 2007, just a year after his debut production, his popularity has risen to incredible levels. Paul Ritch, currently based in Paris, has been intimately involved with the label founded by the German tech-house duo MRI Resopal Schallware. Paul’s first ever released track, Samba 12″ reached the public through this label. The success of this release led the way to other productions such as Winter Ceremony (2007), Natural Gun (2007), and Summer Ceremony (2007).

Pete Oak

Artist PagePete Oak

Music describes exactly what words can never achieve. The exploration of sound and the emotion of music characterise exactly what Pete Oak is all about. A simple desire to let his music speak a thousand words is evidence of his graceful alluring style.

Born in Aalborg, Denmark Pete was destined to work in music from a very early age. Sharpening his young mind by mastering the guitar he had dreams of conquering the rock world and being the next Jimi Hendrix but as he matured, so did his love for electronic music.

Philip Young

Artist PagePhilip Young

Having produced one of the biggest records of 2009,(‘Kamouflage loves Fred remix’ of Massive Attack’s ‘unfinished sympathy’, in collaberation with True Identity), he’s not the Dutch techno Benjamin anymore. Number one at DECKS.DE for weeks and played by Karotte, Wighnomy Brothers, Dixon, Ame, Tania Vulcano, 2000 and one, Michel de Hey and many more; Philip Young has made himself a well respected figure in the nightlife of Holland and abroad. Philip Young was born in 1982 in the Suburbs of Amsterdam. In clubs he cribbed the tricks of the trade from Dutch House legends such as Dimitri and Marcello.


Artist PagePitto

Pitto got seriously infected by the house virus arround 1995. Late 1998, he took on a more active role by starting to DJ at small events at diverse locations.

Late 2000 he joined popcentre Atak and became a promoter/resident-DJ of the Basic Grooves events. There he promoted artists like: Ken Ishii, Robert Hood, Shinedoe, Marco Carola, Joris Voorn, Steve Rachmad and Hakan Libdo to name a few. Meanwhile, together with a friend, he started the project : “Mood Engineering”.


Artist PagePolder

Lauhaus and David Labeij are both well known forces in the Dutch Minimal / techno scene, playing at different events throughout the country. Next to their Dj-ing they’re also active in organising events. While David is part of the Lofar media crew, Lauhaus is co-host of the Mono and Traffic events. After playing at numerous parties together and hanging out, they joined efforts in the studio late 2004. When their collaboration turned out to be a successful one, they decided to take their producing to the next level and start the polder project. This resulted in a lot of positive feedback from the scene.

Pole Folder

Artist PagePole Folder

Pole Folder knows good club music. As one of Belgium’s top electronic musicians and DJs, this Brussels-based artist has consistently lit up dance music since 2001 when he led Europe’s early progressive house scene. Since then his evolution has seen him crowned Belgium’s Best DJ (2010), dazzle audiences with an impressive, multi-instrument live show, and build a family of talented electronic music producers via his highly respected label, Reworck. It is his dedication to quality electronic music and his exploration of new sounds that has seen Pole Folder become one of Belgium’s most popular DJs.


Artist PagePrunk

Growing up to a backdrop of deep house music, DJ and producer Prunk, was destined for a future behind the decks. His most memorable encounter with this sound is receiving an Ian Pooley record from his older brother on his 11th birthday. Of this moment he says: ‘’My brother already knew at that time that I could understand and feel house music. From that moment on, I fell in love with it’.

Purple Disco Machine

Artist PagePurple Disco Machine

They describe their music as “ Deep Funk”. In 2009 they founded the project Purple Disco Machine. In recent years, the duo composed many songs, including, “My House”, which was published by Off Recordings. The PDM hype was lifted to a new level in the summer of 2013: The track stormed Beatport and reached Beatport Deep House #1 and overall #3 at peak. Tracks like “Let It Whip” or “I House You” and the numerous PDM remixes were received well on the dance floors. In live performances the duo feature a creative and diverse mix that is always presented in a sophisticated and authentic way.