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Artist PageRAAF & ABSURD

Raaf & Absurd is the recent coming together of Raven Verhoef and Abdelkarim El Hantali, two talented DJs from the Netherlands. They first met at a DJ contest three years ago, but it was after playing together at an afterparty that they saw their stylistic stars aligned. As such, since then they have been perfecting their common ground; distilling their own respective influences into one new and unique sound. As it goes, said influences are mainly each other and the club; the crowds they play to and the faces they see peering back at them.
Ramon Tapia

Artist PageRamon Tapia

What do you get if you take the offspring of a Dutch woman and a (literally) revolutionary Chilean musician and steep him in the musical climate of Belgian techno in his formative years? Ramon Tapia was the result of this rather unique combination of circumstances, a producer whose eclectic past and upbringing combined to create one of the freshest sounds in techno music of recent years.


Artist PageRauwkorts

In 2006 two guys, Floris Regoort & Jasper Löwik, met each other in a small club in Utrecht (Netherlands). While conversating they soon realised that they shared the same passion, making music! Hereby they decided to meet in the studio for a jam- session. This jam rocked unimaginably well and they decided to go through with it and to start producing tracks together. At the end of 2006 a mutual friend invites them to come play together for the first time at his birthday bash. Crazy enough this party was at exact the same after-club where Rauwkost met each other for the first time! Could this be a sign?.


Artist PageRecondite

Lorenz Brunner, aka Recondite, is a producer of lean but intricate and melodic techno who hails from Rottal-Inn, a rural district in Bavaria. He debuted with a 12", limited to 200 copies, in February 2011 on his own Plangent label. Two additional EPs came later that year. After a fourth EP the following August, he issued "DRGN" on Scuba`s Hotflush label. Brunner`s 2012 was relatively quiet, though it was the year he released his first album, On Acid, for Acid Test.

Red Robin

Artist PageRed Robin

To be announced


Artist PageReeko

The biggest challenge a musician or producer of any musical type or style has to face, whether they like it or not, is to see whether their work can create a path that other artists will follow or lay the foundation for the work of other artists. Juan Rico, the Asturian known within the scene as REEKO, is well aware of this.Born in Oviedo (Asturias) in 1981, Reeko is a dj who has rapidly attained the recognition other artists have taken a long time to gain. In his case it’s not been a matter of chance or coincidence, but the result of his innate and incredible capacity to be prolific, alongside his obsession for perfection.


Artist PageReiss

to be announced


Artist PageRemy

A unique blend of textures and waves of pure energy is what flows through your mind and body when listening to Remy. It is sheer pleasure. And for those who have not had the opportunity to hear his sound, you have certainly been missing half of your life. For a man with a calm and to some, even a shy demeanour, the power and respect he demands while he’s behind the decks is total and consuming. Born in The Hague, the Netherlands, Remy was bitten by the music bug in the summer of 1990.

Ricardo Tobar

Artist PageRicardo Tobar

From the seaside town of Vina del Mar in Chile, Ricardo Tobar has made an impression on the electronic scene with two well received EPs on James Holden´s Border Community, in addition to a single entitled ´With You´ on the excellent Traum Schallplatten imprint. His fusion of melodic techno, electronic rock and modern shoegaze music highlight a creative flair that is still seemingly untapped, and with an artist long player mooted, Ricardo looks well set to follow in the footsteps of Holden and the rest of the Border Community family.

Robag Wruhme

Artist PageRobag Wruhme

Robag Wruhme alias Gabor Schablitzki, a beloved member of the German electronic music community, hails from the town of Jena in central Germany. His latest album "Thora Vukk” was released in early May 2011 on DJ Koze`s Pampa Records. Robag is also known as a member of the Kompakt family (his mix CD for Kompakt, “Wuppdeckmischmampflow”, came out in January 2011). He has also been closely involved with the Jena-based Freude am Tanzen label. 

Robert Powlson

Artist PageRobert Powlson

Robert Powlson was born in 1982. He is a well-known face within the Dutch technoscene. Started going out in 1998 he fell in love with techno music. Always going to party`s like awakenings, traffic,and festivals as long as they were playing techno. Robert started dj-ing when he was 15 years old. In that time playing the harder styles of techno and drum and bass till he got inspired by other more deep and funky styles.


Artist PageROD

ROD is the newborn alter-ego of Rotterdam based [artist[Benny Rodrigues, currently one of the most popular and inspiring electronic music artists of the Netherlands. Known for his ver-satility, Benny has chosen this additional artist name to clearly define the more Techno oriented side of his musical identity. ROD’s critically acclaimed debut-release “Malmok” was released on Ben Klock’s Klock-works label and formed the start of a fruitful discog that reads very positively received re-leases on various renowned labels such as Chris Liebing’s CLR Recordings and Richie Hawtin’s M_nus Records.

Rodriquez Jr.

Artist PageRodriquez Jr.

Olivier Mateu’s wide-ranging inspirations and interests find their ultimate outlet as Rodriguez Jr., positioning him as Mobilee’s new master of eclecticism.

As one half of French electro act The Youngsters – best known for their two studio albums and singles for Laurent Garnier’s F-Communications – Mateu has already received enough plaudits and praise to last a lifetime. The Youngsters’ award-winning productions catapulted them into the international arena, taking them to some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the world.

Roger Martinez

Artist PageRoger Martinez

The most skilled Dj’s always have the ability to sense the anticipation and feelings of their audience. These artists go along and ride the musical palette like a surfer riding the waves of the ocean. It is precisely this skill that Roger Martinez has been praised for numerous times.


Artist PageRové

Roy was born in Hoorn and the second he popped out, his ears were fully functional and working on 101%. At the age of 9, his attention got drawn by dance music and started listening to artists like Snap, Crystal Waters and of course Rave Radio. Soon house music began to take a bigger part in his life, and Roy was hooked. He wanted to become a dj. Because of his strong developed musical knowledge and inspiration by family, he started making his own mixtapes.

Ruede Hagelstein

Artist PageRuede Hagelstein

Ruede a child of Berlin, almost that is. Actually born in the rural surroundings of the capital he decided to move inside Berlin in the year 2000. Nevertheless call him a city-dweller cause the city is where he feels home. After civil service he left  ́mean ́ Brandenburg trying to find work as a ricochet in web-agencies, movie-shakes and magazine night-guides. From the proceeds of the new economy he soon is able to buy himself the first records. He is fascinated of the artwork mixing and with every night that is being danced through his drive to express himself through it grows.


Artist PageRuttenbergs

Ruttenbergs, dj/producer, driving force behind `Op de Valrave` and `City Samplers` and co-owner of Colored Records. Meet Lodewyck Berghuys, just started for one year and already with releases on respected labels such as Traum and Parquet. Big room melanchonic sounds and always up for a suprise is sets are some of the principles of his performances.

Ryan Davis

Artist PageRyan Davis

The Concise characteristics of Ryan Davis’s music are within the dimensions of sound, taking the listener on a journey full of stories which describe feelings, dreams and desires. Ryan’s music is not solely made to fill the dancefloors, with each note he is trying to reach hearts. In 2006, Ryan released his debut single “Transformer” which led to notable attention from the music scene. Since that day he has released records with labels like Archipel and Manual, being included on compilations mixed by Ivan Smagghe and John Digweed. His constant followers are none other than Sasha, Digweed, Stephan Bodzin, and Hernan Cattaneo.