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Warren Fellow

Artist PageWarren Fellow

Meet Dutch DJ & Producer Warren Fellow! A man who started DJing several years ago while witnessing the dawning of the house/techno scene. It was since then that his drive and passion for techno & house music and making people dance became inescapable. With crowd-pleasing charisma and a genuine love for music Warren Fellow quickly established himself as a world-class DJ and played gigs in cities all over Europe, from London to Spain, Berlin to Ibiza City and back to Amsterdam!


Artist PageWehbba

Wehbba is one of Brazil’s main electronic music ambassadors.
Born Rodolfo Wehba, in São Paulo, this former dentist has been spinning house and techno music records for about a decade, working the crowds worldwide ever since his first international records got released, back in 2006.

Wehbba has been an active producer for the past 8 years, and has developed a very distinct style, marked by stellar production skills.

Wesley Matsell

Artist PageWesley Matsell

A valley-dwelling computer-musician and hard-disk jockey: Wesley`s DJ sets trace the frayed interesections of techno, house, garage and acid, old and new, raw and often experimental. His sets are also known for sometimes featuring obscure noise and experimental sounds, as well as vintage electroacoustic music.

Wouter de Moor

Artist PageWouter de Moor

23-year-old Wouter de Moor belongs to the new wave of Dutch DJs and producers. His talent and passion for music brought him from bedroom DJing to a promising career in a matter of only few years.

In his late teens, de Moor works in restaurants to finance his turntables and records. All free time is invested in a singular thing: music. Soon after, the first gig at a club in Amersfoort would come in.